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It starts off sort of routine. It was presented via OSHA-Seattle and Ogletree Deakins, the pirate HR attorneys.   It is for the OSHA retaliation investigation I asked for and OSHA accepted, while employed.  I thought we were having a REAL investigation so I asked for many items.  The first items were to document in a scientific way "highly disparate treatment to retaliate" for reporting the first-hand fraud and Dodd-Frank questions.  But the matter of the computer spying led to... Wells Fargo India Solutions so I started researching.. based on my research of official sources such as equipment used in India Operation, number of people, job postings there, resumes, and lots of other actual clues such as equipment orders, affiliate companies such as STAR India or Magnum Productions.  I also read a lot of gossip on India Job forums.  I documented Wells Fargo India Solutions pretty well and then it led to the bizarre unknown.... It led to China via Maurtitus where the insurance operation was headquartered and certain laws that seemingly allowed that island to be used as a tax haven AND a conduit to China/HSBC.  I  pointed that out in plain terms that missionaries, executives, etc. are very easily "co-opted" in China and other places using children and the Chinese  security agencies (for example) film it and blackmail the executives/ missionaries..  Sorry for being gross but....

That sick aspect is perhaps added in as a historical note of possible interest, not as Fact necessarily but they sure got the Boyz out of China fast.  Then there was the Shanghai Commerical operation, all run by Wells Fargo Jesuits along with Catholic Chinese.  It was very odd.  Not saying there is a problem but it was too weird to not report to the CIA and the FBI.  I believe I had reasonable suspicion in light of what could be involved.   India derisked per Reuters News within a month of reporting it, big sudden shakeup per the job boards.  Many EVP's rolled at Wells Fargo including EVPs  Hoyt and Zuecher whose google images back then made them both look like Peter Pan imo but I must admit to being somewhat emotional.  Still:  I actually believe there is probability/possibility  to some or all of those most horrific allegations.  What they did to me?  Killed me....for revealing that...what do you think?  Problem?  FBI filed.  CIA filed. 
and they seemed to then make fast changes
but what do I know except the local stuff that was reported in detail and I wasn't there much longer.

content being re-presented and augmented here.

In addition to the FBI Report detailing the proven local system fraud, retaliation, Dodd-Frank steering violations.... this material went to OSHA as well as later to FBI and other Agencies.  Keep in mind:  I had standing to report any reasonable suspicions because I had to use the very broken CORE/ELF loan originaion system seemingly being developed out of India. It was a "Shiva System"... designed to be hard to use.  Indicative of "obediance strike" in India Operations, blah blah.  There was a reason Howard Atkins would not sign the financials.  I reported the India Operations directly to Avid Motjabai on her cellphone.  A month later Reuters is reporting the "India Operation" was being derisked.  I was as far as I know the first to refer widely to it as "the India Operation".  Point being...they (Ogletree Deakins and Wells Fargo and others) stole my Jew knowledge and burned me.  That is what the modern day corporate HR department DOES these days, they justify it somehow.

Get ready for Hysteria. Corporate Relations don't get funnier. 
.  It was the information I requested from them to be ready for my OSHA hearing.  It starts routine, then gets absolutely bizarre.  I threw #36 in because of how they used the laptop computer then.... as a spy device.  They activated its camera in my HOME.  Legal...yes.  Stupid?  oh yeah.  I want all my vids, baby.
$4.99 per minute was the OLD price, you freaks should have accepted my offer then.  Ok, just kidding again.

Point being, do you think it does you any good to video employees in their homes? What if a company was (legally) doing that and it filmed the normal family activity of children in the household such as teenagers "making out" while parents stepped out???? Did NOT happen in my home but it could have because there is a minor in the home....but...  I was trying to get them to understand the EXTREME liability and stupidity of filming and videoing employees using the laptops in 2011 and perhaps still (but I bet they stopped).   If you are into that, Skype is full of willing perverts, as is most of the rest of the entire internet (which is perv central for a lot of people.).  I only do it for Real and only with the usual Team but what they did messed that up bad.  Hard being mid-50's and abused like they did.  See, we got cyber bully laws now to protect people, families, and homes.  but not companies.

Note:  the objective is PROGRESS.  I formally Motioned for Wells Fargo and Company to Intervene.  Anyone reading this....look it up on PACER (second case #) and Understand the Progress Possible.
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It will show that in 2011 I reported to FBI and DOL a condition known as Labor Racketeering.  You would think Wells Fargo caused that conditon?  Nope, they allowed the attorneys to latch on like anal worms and the attorneys created that condition in the name of Wells Fargo.  It is what assures them their next major lawsuit(s) and the fee income from them.  They pretext fees.  Many if not most attorneys pretext fees, often by writing standard contracts with standard, known flaws built in.  No industry except our defense biz can so easily create its own profits.

It had to do with a 2011 DOL settlement and then another in 2013 related to the way Wells Fargo programmed their compensation system to recapture overtime from commissions.  I reported it in detail in 2011 and of course.... ignored because they did not understand the detail. cost another $7 million in the 2013 settlement and untold attorney bills.

That is the point:  the attorneys for Wells Fargo created a condition of labor racketeering, complete with buyout of DOL via Elaine Chou.  It just does not get more stinky-political than that.

Ok, so how do they conceal their labor racketeering?

Kidnapping and Criminal RICO using corrupted police and prosecutors:  evidence site
Meet the New Boss, Very Different From the Old Boss   18 U.S. Code § 1519 - Destruction, alteration, or falsification of records in Federal investigations and bankruptcy

Many know it as the Sarbanes-Oxley anti-shredding law.  As can be seen  it can be applied whenever tangible evidence is obstructed or concealed.  It clearly applies to attorneys who are submitting obstructive boilerplate motions to dismiss cases prior to trial against tangible evidence.  That is also governed under Federal Rule of Civil Procedures (FRCP) 11.

In 2015 Yates v. US defined 'tangible object' in a way that includes the court itself.  18 USC 1519 is worded in a way such that no human is immune. 
Yates was and is LANDMARK in its reasoning and was an ignored warning to attorneys.  Supreme Court reasoning in any case is aimed at ATTORNEYS and when Court quoted Dr. Seuss it was an insult followed by a warning.

18 U.S. Code § 1519 -
Whoever knowingly alters, destroys, mutilates, conceals, covers up, falsifies, or makes a false entry in any record, document, or tangible object with the intent to impede, obstruct, or influence the investigation or proper administration of any matter within the jurisdiction of any department or agency of the United States or any case filed under title 11, or in relation to or contemplation of any such matter or case, shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both.
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Wells Fargo: Bank of Disorganized Attorney-Created Crime
Attorneys got inside Wells Fargo and America
like a giant sucking Anal Worm and STARVED IT FROM THE BOTTOM.
Unless Stopped Wells Fargo Will Be Pumped Dead, Leftovers Sold for Legal Fees.
  Hillary Clinton (Queen of Attorneys) was paid
$30 million by SEC Whistleblower's Office
for this Video Explaining Washington DC and
Dept. of Labor / OSHA to President Trump
Wells Fargo HR in Des Moines
Former DOL Secretary, now Wells Fargo Board Elaine Chao Teaches OSHA Staff to Perform Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Investigations